3rd Grade Common Core Interactive Notebook Books

3rd Grade Common Core Interactive Notebook Books


28 Fiction and Non Fiction Flip Books

-Every 3rd Grade common core fiction and non fiction standard is addressed

*Perfect for Interactive Reading Journals

Table of Contents
Fiction Flip Books
3.RL.1- Ask and answer Questions (4 pages)
3.RL.2- Recount stories including fables and folktales 6 pages)
3.RL.3- Describe characters in a story (2 pages)
3>RL.4- Words, Phrases, Poetic Language (4 pages)
3.RL.5- Story Structure (4 pages)
3.RL.6- Point of View (2 page)
3.RL.7- Text Illustrations (2 pages)
3.RL.9- Compare/ Contrast (2 pages)

Non Fiction Flip Books
3. RIT.1- Ask and answer questions (4 pages)
3.RIT.2- Main Idea & Details (4 pages)
3.RIT.3- Connections between historical and scientific ideas (8 pages)
3.RIT.4- Words and phrases (2 page)
3.RIT.5- Text Features (7 pages)
3.RIT.6- Authorโ€™s Purpose and Point of View (4 pages)
3. RIT.7- Use information from illustrations (2 pages)
3.RIT.8- Connection between sentences and paragraphs (2 pages)
3.RIT.9- Compare and Contrast 2 Texts on Same Topic (4 pages


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