Phonics & Spelling – 2nd Grade


Phonics & Spelling – 2nd Grade

❀Grow❀ great spellers! This comprehensive year long spelling and phonics unit is fun and effective. These lessons on phonics and word patterns will get your 2nd grade students fully engaged in word study and acing those spelling tests. Includes 23 scaffolded 2nd grade spelling and phonics word lists for meaningful and differentiated instruction, word sorts, practice worksheets, and activities for the entire year.



✏️Effective Learning Method – Students utilize phonics and pattern based spelling techniques to go beyond rote memorization.


✏️Diagnostic Test – Initial diagnostic test helps teachers assess current skills and group their students for groups accordingly.


✏️Differentiation – This resource includes instructions for a strategy to implement differentiated word study groups.


✏️Scaffolded Word Lists – Contains 23 different word lists are scaffolded based on a phonics continuum of first grade skills.


✏️Practice Worksheets – For each list, there are meaningful practice worksheets designed specifically to make routines easy to implement.


✏️Comprehensive – Provides an entire year of spelling instruction and supporting resources. Can be used as primary spelling unit or as supporting resource.


What’s Included:

1. Phonics Pre and Post Test Documents (6 pgs.)

2. Spelling Sort Cards, Spelling Sort, and Vocabulary Practice sheets for each of the following patterns (3 pages per unit)

  • Digraphs- ay, ai, a_e (List 1)
  • Digraphs- ie, igh, i_e (List 2 & 3)
  • Digraphs- oe, oa, o_e (List 4)
  • Digraphs- oe, ow, oa, o_e (List 5 & 6)
  • Digraphs- ui, ue, u_e (List 7)
  • Digraphs- ea, ee (List 8)
  • Digraphs- ey, ie, y sounds like e (List 9)
  • Digraphs- ey, ie, y sounds like e, ea (List 10)
  • Digraphs- ea, ee, ie, a_e (List 11)
  • Digraphs- ew, ue, u_e (List 12)Digraphs- ou, ew, u_e (List 13)
  • Digraphs- oo (List 14)
  • Digraphs- au, aw (List 15)
  • Diphthongs- ow, ou (List 16)
  • Diphthongs- oi, oy (List 17)
  • R-Controlled- er, ir, ar, ur, or (List 18-20)
  • L- Controlled- al, il, ol (List 21)
  • Wr/ Kn sounds (List 22)
  • Open & Closed Syllables (List 23)

3. Spelling Homework Choice Sheet

4. Spelling Practice Sheets (8 choices)


Teachers Just ❤️LOVE❤️ This Resource:

★ Esther G. said, “Love it. Easy to use!


★ Taryn M. said, “Very high quality and worth every penny!


★ Melissa J. said, “I love how each spelling pattern has activities. I am already seeing improvement in my students after doing the first activity! Thank you so much!


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