3rd & 4th Grade Reading Mini Lessons Multi-Grade Bundle for Google Slides & Seesaw Distance Learning




⭐️ These digital Reading Comprehension Mini Lessons for Google Slides & Seesaw are perfect for classroom & distance learning. This bundle includes five days of mini lessons for every 3rd and 4th grade reading comprehension standard based skill. Each unit is skill based and features lessons that utilize interactive multimedia, mentor text picture books, YouTube read alouds, skill based questions, anchor charts, and more.


⭐️ These lessons are designed for teachers to present and complete with students remotely or in person as a presentation. Each lesson is designed to take one week to complete, but they are flexible and can also be used as a review center for students.


⭐️ Mentor texts are carefully selected to meet each lesson standard and include a wide range of diverse characters.


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What is Included?


3rd Grade Reading Literature


  1. RL.3.1 Ask and Answer Questions in Fiction
  2. RL.3.2 Recount Stories
  3. RL.3.3 Describe Characters
  4. RL.3.4 Figurative Language
  5. RL.3.5 Fiction Structure
  6. RL.3.6 Point of View
  7. RL.3.7 Use Illustrations
  8. RL.3.9 Compare & Contrast Similar Stories
  9. RL.3.10 Fiction Comprehension Review


3rd Grade Reading Informational Text


  1. RI.3.1 Ask and Answer Questions in Nonfiction
  2. RI.3.2 Topic, Main Idea, and Details
  3. RI.3.3 Connections in Historical Events, Scientific Ideas, and Technical Steps
  4. RI.3.4 Context Clues
  5. RI.3.5 Text and Web Features
  6. RI.3.6 Point of View
  7. RI.3.7 Nonfiction Text Images
  8. RI.3.8 Nonfiction Text Structure
  9. RI.3.9 Compare and Contrast Points
  10. RI.3.10 Nonfiction Comprehension Review


4th Grade Reading Literature


  1. RL.4.1 Inferences and Explicit Details in Fiction
  2. RL.4.2 Summarize Stories
  3. RL.4.3 Describe Characters, Settings, & Events
  4. RL.4.4 Context Clues in Fiction
  5. RL.4.5 Literature Structure
  6. RL.4.6 Point of View
  7. RL.4.7 Connections Between Text and Visual and Oral Representations
  8. RL.4.9 Compare & Contrast Stories and Themes
  9. RL.4.10 Fiction Comprehension Review


4th Grade Reading Informational Text


  1. RI.4.1 Inferences and Explicit Details in Nonfiction
  2. RI.4.2 Main Idea to Summarize
  3. RI.4.3 Connections in Historical Events, Scientific Ideas, and Technical Texts
  4. RI.4.4 Context Clues
  5. RI.4.5 Text Structure
  6. RI.4.6 Firsthand and Secondhand Accounts
  7. RI.4.7 Nonfiction Text Images
  8. RI.4.8 Reasons and Evidence
  9. RI.4.9 Integrate Information
  10. RI.4.10 Nonfiction Comprehension Review


*Please Note: This Bundle includes BOTH the 3rd and 4th Grade Standards. Some of the 3rd grade resources are combined with 2nd, and some of the 4th grade resources are combined with 5th.


To see a full walkthrough of one of these resources, check out this video.



Not a Google Classroom?


These units can easily be converted to PowerPoint for use with Microsoft Teams or shared directly from Google Drive.


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