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⭐These Digital Lessons in Google Slides contain five mini lessons focused on 3rd grade author’s purpose skills cover an entire week of instruction and activities. Teachers can use this as a presentation for their mini lessons in school or virtually. This resource can also be used as self-guided lessons for virtual learning.

⭐In this interactive resource, students explore explanatory, scientific, and social texts through a combination of anchor charts, embedded instructional videos, skill focused activities & questions, and integrated mentor text read alouds. Students can use the included Recommended Book List to access additional read aloud stories to continue to practice these important skills.

⭐This resource is aligned with RI.3.6. If you do not use Common Core, this packet is still perfect for teaching author’s purpose in nonfiction skills.


✏️Google Slides Format – Google Slides format makes this resource flexible for any classroom or distance learning need. Easily downloads to PowerPoint format.

✏️Integrated Mentor Texts – Contains YouTube links to popular mentor texts. This resource can be used alongside the featured mentor text, any of the texts in the Recommended Book List, or a book of the teacher’s choice.

✏️Embedded Video Lessons – Embedded skill focused video lessons engage students through audio-visual presentation and make learning fun.

✏️Skill Focused Activities – Questions and activities are skill focused to allow students to master each unique reading skill and strategy.


*Answer Key Included


What’s Included?

  • How to Use This Resource Guide
  • Daily Teacher Instructions
  • Interactive Anchor Charts
  • Interactive Activities
  • Skill Focused Video Lesson
  • Author’s Purpose Reading Exercises
  • Author’s Purpose in Nonfiction Review
  • Recommended Book List

Featured Mentor Texts:

“I’m Trying to Love Spiders” by Bethany Barton via YouTube

“I Am Earth” by James McDonald and Rebecca McDonald via YouTube

“Most People” by Michael Leannah via YouTube

“The World Needs More Purple People” by Benjamin Hart and Kristen Bella via YouTube


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