2nd Grade Math Digital Mini Lessons for Google Slides – Full Year Bundle

2nd Grade Math Digital Mini Lessons for Google Slides – Full Year Bundle


2nd Grade Math  Digital Mini Lessons Growing Bundle

⭐️ These Digital Math Mini Lessons for Google Slides are perfect for classroom & distance learning. This bundle includes mini lessons for every 2nd grade math standard to make an entire year’s worth of lessons. Each unit features lessons that utilize interactive multimedia, YouTube videos and songs, skill based questions, interactive anchor charts, and more.


⭐️ These lessons are designed for teachers to present and complete with students remotely or in person as a presentation. Lessons come with printable recording sheets that can be used if you are teaching in person. Units vary from 3 to over five days, but the average unit is five days.


⭐️ Units are scaffolded and increase in complexity each day. There are teacher-led components and student practice components.



✏️ Skill Overview – Each mini lesson includes a vocabulary piece and videos that introduce the skill.


✏️ Anchor Charts – Fillable anchor charts help students grasp key concepts.


✏️ Multimedia Engagement – Integrates videos and songs via YouTube.


✏️ Interactive – Slides are interactive with fillable text boxes, movable pieces, and multimedia.


✏️ Skill Focused – Students gradually gain independence to be able to show mastery of the focus skill.


✏️ Quick Assessment – Exit ticket for informal assessment at the end of each unit.


What is Included?

  1. Addition and Subtraction Word Problems- 2.OA.A.1
  2. Mental Math Strategies: Addition- 2.OA.B.2
  3. Mental Math Strategies: Subtraction- 2.OA.B.2
  4. Odd and Even Numbers- 2.OA.C.3
  5. Arrays- 2.OA.C.4
  6. Place Value: Hundreds, Tens, and Ones- 2.NBT.A.1
  7. Count to 1,000, Skip Count by 5s, 10s, and 100s- 2.NBT.A.2
  8. Read and Write Numbers to 1,000- 2.NBT.A.3
  9. Greater Than & Less Than- 2.NBT.A.4
  10. Adding with Base Ten and Decomposing to Add- 2.NBT.B.5
  11. Adding with an Open Number Line- 2.NBT.B.5
  12. Adding with Standard Algorithm- 2.NBT.B.5
  13. Subtracting with Base Ten and Decomposing to Add- 2.NBT.B.5
  14. Subtracting with an Open Number Line- 2.NBT.B.5
  15. Subtracting with Standard Algorithm- 2.NBT.B.5
  16. Add four 2-digit Numbers- 2.NBT.B.6
  17. Add to 1,000- 2.NBT.B.7
  18. Subtract to 1,000- 2.NBT.B.7
  19. Mentally Add 10 or 100- 2.NBT.B.8
  20. Explain Why Addition and Subtraction Work- 2.NBT.B.9
  21. Measure Length- 2.MD.A.1
  22. Compare Measurements- 2.MD.A.2
  23. Estimate Lengths- 2.MD.A.3
  24. How Much Longer?- 2.MD.A.4
  25. Measurement Word Problems- 2.MD.B.5
  26. Measurement Number line- 2.MD.B.6
  27. Tell Time- 2.MD.C.7
  28. Money Word Problems- 2.MD.C.8
  29. Measurement Data- 2.MD.D.9
  30. Picture and Bar Graphs- 2.MD.D.10
  31. 2D and 3D Shapes- 2.G.A.1
  32. Partition Rectangles- 2.G.A.2
  33. Fractions- 2.G.A.3


Not a Google Classroom?

These units can easily be converted to PowerPoint for use with Microsoft Teams.


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