Adding to 100 Standard Algorithm Mini Lesson Google Slides Distance Learning

Adding to 100 Standard Algorithm Mini Lesson Google Slides Distance Learning



This digital math adding to 100 using the standard algorithm mini-lesson and activities for Google Slides are perfect for classroom & distance learning. This resource includes five days of mini-lessons on adding two-digit numbers up to 100 by using the standard algorithm as addition and regrouping strategy. The resource aligns to CCSS 2.NBT.B.5. The resource features lessons that utilize interactive multimedia, songs and videos, practice questions, anchor charts, exploration, and collaboration.




⭐️ Skill Overview: Each mini-lesson includes an interactive anchor chart and songs and videos to introduce the skill.

⭐️ Multimedia Engagement: Integrates music and movable pieces.

⭐️ Interactive: Slides are interactive with fillable text boxes and integrated links and embedded videos.

⭐️ Scaffolded: Each day’s lessons and activities increase in difficulty and complexity.

⭐️ Quick Assessment: Exit ticket reflection for informal assessment at the end of each lesson.

⭐️Printable recording Sheet: This makes this resource work well for in-person learning.


These lessons are designed for teachers to present and complete with students remotely or in-person as a presentation. Each lesson is designed to take one week to complete, but they are flexible and can also be used as a review center for students.


Not a Google Classroom?


These units can easily be converted to PowerPoint for use with Microsoft Teams.



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This lesson goes great with my printable and digital mini-lessons on Adding Using the Number Line and Adding with Base Ten Blocks for the same standard 2.NBT.B.5!


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