Math Escape Room Bundle – 3rd Grade – Printable & Digital

Math Escape Room Bundle – 3rd Grade – Printable & Digital




Math Escape Room Bundle – 3rd Grade

⭐ This 3rd grade math escape room bundle is a truly immersive experience. Students navigate their way through various adventures while reviewing key math skills. Students embark on various journeys like escaping a candy factory, catching a bandit, navigating their way through time travel, and avoiding detention to start their summer vacation. In each escape room, students complete various challenges. Each challenge requires students to use fundamental standards-based math skills. Students add their answers to the Secret Decoder Tool to help them unlock the secret codes and complete each challenge. Students earn items as they complete the mission and earn official completion certificates.


⭐These resources come with both digital Google Slides and printable versions, so it’s perfect for classroom and distance learning. In the digital version, the Secret Decoder is a Google Sheet that self-corrects and tells each student when they can continue to the next challenge. Printable versions have a recording booklet and paper decoder that allows students to keep their answers and decipher the codes.


⭐ Integrated videos, thematic items, and exciting storylines come together to engage students while developing and enforcing key reading comprehension skills.


*Please note: This does include embedded videos that are hosted via YouTube. Please ensure you and your students have access to YouTube.


Key Features:

✏️ Digital & Printable Versions – Google Slides/Forms and print versions make this resource bundle perfect for classroom and distance learning. The digital versions can be used dynamically in the classroom as a presentation while students complete each passage and question set in groups or individually.


✏️ Immersive Experience: Full backstory, dynamic challenges, and engaging videos provide positive reinforcement and keep students engaged and focused.


✏️Skill Focused: Each problem set was written to focus on key, standards-based mathematics skills.


✏️Scaffolded Challenges: Challenges increase in difficulty as students progress through the escape rooms.


✏️No Prep/ Low Prep: Digital version requires NO PREP. The printable version is low prep: Just print the pages, place them in folders, and go! The printable version has the option to incorporate technology and videos through QR codes.


What’s Included:

Escape Rooms

  • Word Problems: Sherlock Holmes Escape Room
  • Telling Time: Time Machine Escape Room
  • Partitions and Fractions: Candy Factory Escape Room
  • Categorize Shapes: Catch the Bandit Escape Room
  • Math Review: School Escape Room
  • Multiplication and Division: Monster Lab Escape Room
  • Whole Number Products: Atlantis Escape Room
  • Multiplication and Division: Mermaid Escape Room
  • Measurement Line Plots: Haunted Train Escape Room
  • Measure and Calculate Area: Video Game Escape Room
  • Volume and Mass: Summer Sports Escape Room
  • Relate Multiplication & Division: Dragon Escape Room
  • Two-Step Word Problems with Four Operations: Garden Gnome Escape Room
  • Properties of Operations: Robot Escape Room



Operations & Algebraic Thinking

  • Products of whole numbers
  • Quotients of whole numbers
  • Multiplication and division word problems
  • Unknown numbers
  • Properties of operations
  • Division as an unknown factor
  • Fluently multiply and divide within 100


Numbers & Operations in Base Ten

  • Round to nearest 10 or 100
  • Fluently add and subtract within 1,000
  • Multiply by multiples of 10
  • Understand fractions
  • Fractions on a number line
  • Compare fractions


Measurement & Data

  • Time
  • Measure liquid volumes and masses
  • Scaled picture and bar graphs
  • Measurement data
  • Area of plane figures
  • Relate area to multiplication and division
  • Perimeters of polygons



  • Classify shapes
  • Partition shapes


Planned Future Additions:

  • Find the Garden Gnomes
  • Save the Music
  • & More!


Copyright & Terms of Use

For copyright information and a summary of how this resource can and cannot be used, please review the Terms of Use Page.


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