The Case of the Mixed Up Speech Reading Comprehension Print & Digital Activity

The Case of the Mixed Up Speech Reading Comprehension Print & Digital Activity



The Case of the Mixed Up Speech Reading Comprehension

⭐️ If your students are into solving mysteries, deciphering clues, and doing a little detective work, then this reading comprehension printable and digital activity is for you! Students read a detective-style story about the mystery of the mixed-up speech! Someone meddled with the sentences in the Great Book of Speech, causing a catastrophic jumble! The story is broken into five sections, each with its own set of reading comprehension questions that will be answered to decipher a clue. Can your students find the right clues and figure out which suspect is responsible?


Dear Brilliant Detectives,


I hope this letter finds you in your most curious and eager state, for I am in dire need of your keen eyes and sharp minds. My name is Professor Wordsworth, and I come from the land of Grammaropolis, a place where every word has its own place and purpose.


Today, I bring to you a mystery most perplexing: The Mystery of the Mixed-Up Speech. You see, last night during the grand banquet at the Grammaropolis Gala, someone meddled with the sentences in our Great Book of Speech, causing a catastrophic jumble! Nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and pronouns are all in a twist, and we cannot make head nor tail of our once beautiful language.


⭐️ This printable and digital activity features custom videos, a fun suspect list, and an engaging detective theme – all built around a five-part story that students will love. Students will be on the edge of their seats as they work to decipher the clues and find out who the culprit is. Think they have the right suspect? Use the suspect cards to confirm suspicions or send students back to the field for more evidence.


⚡ The Mysterious Case of the Mixed Up Speech reading comprehension activity comes in the following printable and digital formats.

  • Printable PDF – Easy to use and requires no prep – just print and go.


  • BRAND NEW! MagiCore WebLink Digital Resource – MagiCore WebLink resources integrate browser-based technology with proven learning strategies to keep kids engaged and learning. This interactive format contains elements like voiceovers, animation, embedded videos, and self-correcting drag-and-drop activities that are impossible in Google and other commonly used formats. If you used a MagiCore Webscape, then you know how amazing these resources are. Once you try a MagiCore WebLink activity, you’ll never look at Google Slides the same way again. CLICK HERE to try it for yourself!


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What’s Included?

  1. Teacher Introduction
  2. Mystery Student Letter and Video
  3. Suspect List
  4. Clue 1 Story & Questions
  5. Clue 2 Story & Questions
  6. Clue 3 Story & Questions
  7. Clue 4 Story & Questions
  8. Clue 5 Story & Questions
  9. Conclusion & Questions
  10. Confidential Suspect File and Videos
  11. Certificate

*Answer Key Included


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