Guided Reading Packet: Describe Characters – 3rd Grade RL.3.3 – Printable & Digital Formats

Guided Reading Packet: Describe Characters – 3rd Grade RL.3.3 – Printable & Digital Formats


The Family FeastThe Family Feast guided reader cover showing two girls cooking

⭐ This Guided Reading Packet focused on describing character skills for 3rd grade includes three differentiated Lexile leveled readers in printable and digital formats, along with small group plans, fluency checks, comprehension questions, and a skill-focused graphic organizer. This resource is perfect for teaching describe character skills. It can be used with my Lesson Plans or as an independent resource.



✏️Lexile Levels – All 3 stories include a certified Lexile measure to make differentiation easy. Passages are specifically crafted to fit the low, middle, and high ends of the associated Common Core Text Complexity Band (the range for third grade is 420L-820L).


✏️Flexible Reader Format Options – The Guided Readers come in various formats. They can be accessed as online readers, printable readers, printable passages, and Google Slides versions – making them flexible for classroom and distance learning.


✏️Printable & Google Slides Versions – This entire resource was created as a printable PDF and as a Google Slides resource.


✏️Highly Engaging – Contains an original story with high-quality custom illustrations designed to engage students.


What’s Included:

  • Guided Reading Overview
  • Small Group Plans
  • Fluency Checks (3 levels)
  • Describe Character Guided Readers (3 levels: 350L, 560L, 730L)
    • Digital Guided Readers Links
    • Booklet Printing Instructions
    • Google Slides Resource Link
    • Printable Passages
  • Comprehension Questions
  • Skill Focused Graphic Organizer


Magicore is a Certified Lexile Partner:Certified Lexile Seal

See more about why certified Lexile measures matter by clicking on the product preview and navigating to the About Lexile Levels page.


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