End of the Year Activities – Plan an End of Year Class Party 5th Grade Math PBL

End of the Year Activities – Plan an End of Year Class Party 5th Grade Math PBL


End of the Year Activities – Plan an End of Year Class Party 5th Grade Math PBL

⭐ Students get really excited about an end of year class party, and this end of year class party PBL will keep them engaged even during the last few weeks of school! In this 5th grade PBL activity, your students will put their math skills to the test as they plan and prepare for a fictional year end class party. Best of all, unlike a real class party, students can have all the fun with no mess!


⭐ Students will challenge their critical thinking as they collaborate with their peers and have fun while practicing key math skills. Designed specifically for fifth grade, students will pick a party theme, create a table, evaluate data, and plan activities that are sure to be a hit with all their classmates. Along the way, they will have to solve a variety of word problems that involve addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division – all while staying within a budget!


➤ In this 5th grade math PBL, students engage in the following activities while planning their fictional year end party:

  • Pick a party theme (create a table, evaluate data)
  • Complete food planning (addition & subtraction, multiplication & division, decimal comparing problems)
  • Buy bottled water (multiplication/division, & decimal word problems)
  • Rent and arrange chairs (decimal/money word problems and planning area)
  • Plan activities (word problems with fractions)
  • Finalize plans (time)
  • Take care of last-minute details (measurement word problems)
  • and more!
  • Additional “challenge activities” engage students and develop further understanding of the concepts and skills.


⭐ Challenge activities will push your students even further, helping them to develop a deeper understanding of the concepts and skills involved in party planning. From renting chairs to arranging tables and taking care of last-minute details, your students will be fully immersed in the party planning process.


⭐ This 5th grade end of year party project based learning activity involves using operations & Algebraic thinking, numbers & operations (base ten and fractions), and measurement and data standards to solve problems related to party planning, preparation, and execution. This version is suggested for use in grade 5 and differentiation in grade 4. Students work with area, cost calculations, graph interpretation, fractions, multiplication and division, measurement, time calculations, and word problems.


Key Features:

✏️ Low Prep – Print and go printable and Google Slides digital formats make this lots of fun with no prep and no mess! That’s right – a meaningful & engaging activity with no extra prep, supplies, mess, or work.


✏️ Printable & Digital Format – Printable PDF & Google Slides formats make this resource perfect for any classroom. Digital and printable versions are consistent, so they can be used for a combination of printable and digital assignments.


✏️ Educational & Engaging – This resource will capture the imagination of your students while they practice essential math skills. Students plan a class party under various constraints while practicing key mathematics skills.


✏️ Differentiation – Three challenge activities mean that you can challenge your high performing students while making the resource accessible to your on level and below level students.


What’s Included?

  • Printable Units
  • Google Slide Unit
  • Teacher Directions
  • Student Project Prompt
  • Project Pages
  • Challenge Activities 1-3
  • Reflection Writing Prompt
  • Grading Rubric

Please Note: This escape room is similar to the 4th grade version, but with prompts and questions on a 5th grade level.


Copyright & Terms of Use

For copyright information and a summary of how this resource can and cannot be used, please review the Terms of Use Page.


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