Task Cards Bundle for 4th & 5th Grade



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TASK CARDS BUNDLE for 4th & 5th Grade

⭐️ These task cards bundle for 4th & 5th grade are perfect for addressing all reading literature and informational text Common Core standards. It will also include other important reading strategies and skills.

⭐️ If you do not use Common Core, this packet is still perfect for practicing and reinforcing asking and answering questions skills. Aligns with many state-specific standards, including TEKS and VA SOL.

⭐️ Color and black-line versions provided.

Items included in bundle:


1. Fiction Inferences Task Cards – 4th & 5th Grades – RL.4.1 – RL.5.1

2. Theme Task Cards – 4th & 5th Grades – RL.4.2 – RL.5.2

3. Summarizing Task Cards – 4th & 5th Grades – RL.4.2 – RL.5.2

4. Describing Story Elements Task Cards – 4th Grade – RL.4.3

5. Compare Characters, Setting, and Events Task Cards – 4th & 5th Grade – RI.5.3

6. Context Clues in Fiction Task Cards – 4th & 5th Grade – RL.4.4 & RL.5.4

7. Figurative Language Task Cards – 5th Grade – RL.5.4

8. Structural Elements Task Cards – 4th & 5th Grade – RL.4.5 & RL.5.5

9. Compare & Contrast Point of View Task Cards – 4th & 5th Grade – RL.4.6 & RL.5.6

10. Analyzing Multimedia Task Cards – 4th & 5th Grade – RL.4.7 RL.5.7

11. Comparing Two Stories Task Cards – 4th Grade – RL.4.9

12. Fiction Reading Comprehension Task Cards – 4th & 5th Grade – RL.4.10 RL.5.10


1. Inferencing and Explicit Question Task Cards – 4th & 5th Grade – RI.4.1 & RI.5.1

2. Main Idea Task Cards – 4th & 5th Grade – RI.4.2 & RI.5.2

3. Historical, Scientific, Technical Task Cards – 4th & 5th Grade – RI.4.3 & RI.5.3

4. Context Clues Task Cards – 4th & 5th Grade – RI.4.4 & RI.5.4

5. Nonfiction Text Structure Task Cards – 4th & 5th Grade – RI.4.5 & RI.5.5

6. First & Secondhand Accounts Task Cards – 4th & 5th Grade – RI.4.6 & RI.5.6

7. Text Features Task Cards – 4th & 5th Grade – RI.4.7 & RI.5.7

8. Reasons & Evidence Task Cards – 4th & 5th Grade – RI.4.8 & RI.5.8

9. Integrating Information Task Cards – 4th & 5th Grade – RI.4.9 & RI.5.9

10. Nonfiction Comprehension Task Cards – 4th & 5th Grade – RI.4.10 & RI.5.10

Feel free to email me with other comprehension sets you would like to see added! julie@commoncorekingdom.com

Suggested Uses:

✏️ Centers – These are perfect to use in centers and independent/partner work.

✏️ Scoot – Pass out one card for each student. Set a timer and say, “scoot!” when the timer goes off. Students move seats to the next card. They continue to rotate until they are back at their original seat.

✏️ Scavenger Hunt – Hide cards around the room. Students search for cards and answer them.

✏️ Games – Number block tower blocks. Students stack the blocks, then take turns pulling blocks. Students answer the corresponding number card.

✏️ Whole-Class Practice – Teacher displays card on the projector. Students answer on mini-whiteboards.

✏️ Exit Tickets – Give each student a task card at the end of the lesson. Have them answer on a sticky note.

What’s Included:

  • 30 short passages with various text structures
  • 1 Multiple Choice Question for Each Passage
  • Challenge Card
  • Recording Template
  • Answer Key
  • Available in Color or Black-Line


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