The Sun’s Energy – Types of Energy 1st & 2nd Grade Science Worksheets Activities

The Sun’s Energy – Types of Energy 1st & 2nd Grade Science Worksheets Activities



The Sun’s Energy – Types of Energy 1st & 2nd Grade

Looking to shed some light on the topic of the Sun’s energy? Illuminate your classroom with this kid-friendly science unit for 1st and 2nd graders!


This unit includes engaging activities, hands-on labs, and educational explorations, mini book, and a quiz.


What’s Included?

  1. Teacher Page with Video Resources and Comprehension Worksheets: Start the unit off strong with a collection of educator-approved video resources. The accompanying worksheets ensure that students absorb the key points.
  2. Brainstorm Blocks: A clever way to kickstart your students’ thinking about the Sun and forms of energy. These blocks serve as a launching pad for scientific inquiry.
  3. Vocabulary Cards (energy, water vapor, evaporate): Strengthen students’ scientific vocabulary with these easy-to-understand cards, setting the stage for more complex discussions.
  4. Mini Book: A mini-book that dives deep into the subject of the Sun’s energy, its effects, and its importance to life on Earth.
  5. Types of Energy Flip Book Activity: A fun, interactive activity that allows students to identify and sort different types of energy derived from the Sun.
  6. Quiz: Round out the unit with a comprehensive quiz, designed to assess students’ understanding and knowledge of the Sun’s energy.
  7. Explorations and Labs:
  • How The Sun Heats the Land and Water Exploration/Lab: Through hands-on experiments, students explore how the Sun uniquely heats both land and water, helping them understand concepts like heat absorption and reflection.
  • Evaporation Exploration/Lab: Students investigate the power of the Sun in converting liquid water into water vapor, thereby grasping the fundamental process of evaporation.
  • Disappearing Paintings Exploration/Lab: A fascinating lab where students use the Sun’s energy to create—and then “erase”—their own paintings, teaching them about the Sun’s powerful impact on matter.


Add a burst of light and learning to your science curriculum with this radiant unit on the Sun’s Energy! Perfect for energizing young scientists and igniting a passion for real-world exploration.


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