World Culture Differentiated Guided Readers & Activity Bundle



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World Culture Differentiated Guided Readers & Activity Bundle

⭐ Explore cultural diversity with seven guided reading units, each with differentiated guided readers and passages about a day in the life of children from cultures around the world. Each mini-unit focuses on a different Common Core standard. Units all include small group lesson plans, map activity, differentiated guided readers and passages, standards based multiple choice and free response questions, graphic organizers, character coloring toppers for bulletin board decorations, and an exit ticket.


Units Included:

  1. India- Focus on Questions (RI.1)
  2. Thailand- Focus on Main Idea & Details (RI.2)
  3. Serbia- Focus on Context Clues (RI.4)
  4. Montenegro- Focus on Text Features (RI.5)
  5. Spain- Text Structure, Sequence (RI.8)
  6. Kenya- Compare & Contrast (RI.9)
  7. Iran- Comprehension (RI.10)


This is an engaging way to integrate social studies with reading while teaching students about other cultures.


*The passages in these units were drafted by natives from each country, to ensure accuracy.*


For extensive previews of each unit, please click on the individual units.


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Resources Included with World Culture Differentiated Guided Readers & Activity Bundle

A Day in My Life: India Differentiated Guided Reading with a Focus on Questions

A Day in My Life: Thailand- Differentiated Guided Reading Focus on Main Idea

A Day in My Life: Serbia- Differentiated Guided Reading (Focus on Context Clues)

A Day in My Life: Montenegro- Differentiated Guided Reading (Text Features)

A Day in My Life- Spain- Differentiated Guided Reading (Sequence)

A Day in My Life: Kenya- Differentiated Guided Reading (Compare & Contrast)

A Day in My Life: Iran- Differentiated Guided Reading (Text Evidence)




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