A Day in My Life: Spain- Differentiated Guided Reading (Sequence)

A Day in My Life: Spain- Differentiated Guided Reading (Sequence)


A Day in My Life: Spain- Differentiated Guided Reading (Sequence)

⭐ Three differentiated guided readers leveled for 2nd-4th grade with a focus on RI.3.8 and RI.4.5 sequential/ chronological text structure. This product also includes small group/ guided reading lesson plans, a map locating activity, passages in book or passage format, Summary Graphic organizer, multiple choice and short response questions, differentiated compare & contrast graphic organizer, exit ticket, and topper craft.


⭐ This is perfect for guided reading or multi-level strategy groups while also integrating social studies with reading.


Table of Contents

*This product includes a nonfiction guided reading passage on three differentiated levels. The passages are in the 2nd-5th Grade Common Core Text Complexity Band (the range for 2nd-5th grade is 450-980). The passage is also available in a two-page article format.

1. Lesson Plans
2. Pre-reading: Map Activity
3. Guided Reading Passages and Articles in Three Different Levels
4. Focus Skill: Text Structure: Chronological or Sequence
5. Multiple Choice Questions
6. Compare & Contrast Organizer and Writing Activity (Differentiated)
7. Exit Ticket


This is ideal for on and above level 2nd graders, 3rd graders reading on, below, and above grade level, and 4th graders on and below grade level.


Copyright & Terms of Use

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