How to Use Task Cards Effectively in the Classroom

Why are Task Cards so Awesome?

Task cards are a great tool to use for skill review. If you’re not using them, you should be! They are super simple to prep, and once you have them ready to go, you can revisit and reuse them over and over, year over year! Here are some ideas for how to use them in your classroom.

Purple, pink, and light blue picture boxes with reading task cards for text features, inferences, and characters inside each of the three boxes.

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Different Ways to Use Task Cards in Your Classroom

1. Centers:

Have a task card center set up in your classroom. You can change out the skill week to week, or even organize your centers in a way that students are able to pull the cards for the skills they need to practice. Once you have the cards organized and prepped, everything is streamlined and it will take little preparation on your part!

2. Scoot:

Pass out one card for each student. Set a timer and say, “scoot!”  when the timer goes off. Students move seats to the next card. They continue to rotate until they are back at their original seat.

3. Scavenger Hunt:

Hide cards around the room. Students search for cards and answer them.

4. Jenga:

Number Jenga blocks. Students stack the blocks, then take turns pulling blocks. Students answer the corresponding number card.

5. Whole class practice:

The teacher displays a card on the projector. Students answer on mini-whiteboards.

6. Exit Tickets:

Give each student a task card at the end of the lesson. Have them answer on a sticky note.

Ways to Organize Task Cards

Photo-Boxes:Image showing colored photo boxes in a larger plastic box. The boxes are the perfect size to keep reading task cards.

I love these photo boxes. Not only are they easy to store, but the bright colors also make it super simple to keep your cards separated and organized according to skill.

Binder Rings:

Punch holes in the cards and loop them through a binder ring. This will help ensure your cards don’t get lost. You can store the rings in tubs or a file box like this: and pull out as needed.

Index card boxes:

These are also easy to store and colorful to keep cards organized.

Different Sized Cards:

For half-page cards, this is a great storage solution:

Woman holding a set of task cards in a green photo box with other reading task cards scattered on a desk in front of her.

Finding the Right Reading Task Cards:

If you’re looking for a comprehensive set of reading task cards that cover all of Common Core and beyond, these Reading Comprehension Task Cards come in over 30 different skills. With 30 task cards per set, they are perfect for developing, refining, and practicing reading comprehension skills!

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