Meet the Teacher – Five Ideas for Success

As the start of a new school year quickly approaches, you may feel a little unenthusiastic about giving up your slow and steady mornings, Or, maybe you’re bustling with excitement to get back into the school routine and begin all of the “new.” The start of a new school year is always my favorite. A new year, new students, new supplies, and sometimes even new co-workers. There is something about the feeling of a new school year that is always so refreshing. Ahh, I can smell the new, unopened boxes of crayons as we speak! Don’t even get me started on the smell of a new book! And of course, with all the excitement of a new school year comes Meet the Teacher. Here are five ideas to help make your Meet the Teacher great!

Meet the Teacher is a great way to connect with families right from the get-go. I love having the opportunity to meet and greet my students and their families before the first day of school. We all know that teachers get first-day jitters just like their students do, so Meet the Teacher night is perfect for calming nerves for both teachers and students. But how do you calm your nerves before Meet the Teacher night? The key is to be prepared! I’ve compiled a list of five things that will help you feel the most prepared!

Woman writing Back to School on chalkboard for Meet the Teacher Night to connect with families

1. Display information about yourself and your classroom

There are a few different ways you could do this. Some ways I’ve tried in the past are folders, stations, and even a PowerPoint presentation. Out of those three, I prefer stations. This gives parents something interactive to do while also allowing you time to speak to families separately without a line backing up. A few examples of things to include in your stations/presentations are:

  • class schedule
  • classroom rules
  • a newsletter about you (parents love to know more about you, your family, and your favorite treats)
  • homework policy
  • communication (class dojo, emails, school phone numbers)
  • a form that parents can fill out about their child’s likes/dislikes

*Tip: If you choose to do a PowerPoint presentation, email it to parents so they can have a copy of all of the information you provided.

2. Create a meet the teacher classroom scavenger hunt

A classroom scavenger hunt provides a fun and interactive activity to help students and parents get to know your classroom. It allows them to find basic items in their soon-be-classroom themselves. As teachers, we love when students take ownership of things!

*Tip: This could easily be incorporated into one of your stations to add to the fun!

3. Provide a wish list of items for your classroom

This one is super easy and super effective! Write 1-2 wish list items on a post-it note. Scatter the post-it notes on your whiteboard or a piece of chart paper. Parents can take one with them at the end of the evening. Be sure to list some Mr. Sketch markers and flair pens! You need a little color along with all of the tissues and glue sticks, right?

4. Include a small gift for students

Find some cute and catchy tags to go along with a small gift for students. Anything food and/or candy-related does the trick! Over the years, I’ve found that even the smallest gift makes students feel special and less anxious about the beginning of a new school year. They can even cash in their completed scavenger hunt in exchange for the gift!

5. Allow time for a meet the teacher night photo-op

I always take first day of school photos in my classroom but having a photo op for Meet the Teacher night where families can also participate just hits differently. There’s something sweet about parents having the chance to take the very first photo in their child’s classroom. If you add in some props, you might even catch a glimpse of some spunky students and silly siblings!

Setting up a photo-op is a great way to allow students and parents to interact with the classroom and feel at ease during meet the teacher night.

No matter what activities you choose to prepare for Meet the Teacher night, take a deep breath, smell the Mr. Sketch markers, and enjoy the evening!

Are you ready to have your best year ever?

If you’re a new teacher or if you just can’t seem to get a successful system of rituals and routines in place and you’re ready to give your students the the stable learning environment you know they deserve, then check out my Classroom Management Course. Together, we’ll build a strategy for success that you can use year after year. Your students will thrive. And you will reduce your stress and finally earn the respect you deserve.

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