2nd Grade Place Value Hundreds, Tens, Ones 2.NBT.A.1 – Google Slides & PDF


This core math unit uses flashcards and anchor charts to teach 2nd grade students place value and the meaning of the ones, tens, and hundreds places.

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⭐️This math unit teaches 2nd grade students place value by breaking down the value of ones, tens, and hundreds. Includes components in both Google Slides and Printable PDF.

⭐️This unit includes vocabulary cards, worksheets, a self-made book, and assessments that are perfect for building strong number sense in your students! Students will work towards mastering their understanding of the place value for ones, tens, and hundreds.

Teachers Just ❤️LOVE❤️ This Resource:

★ Katie F. said, “Used with 2nd grade students. They loved the activity/review for their test. Great resource to supplement curriculum!”

★ Staci J. said, “I have loved using this resource with my students!”

★ Michelle W. said, “The kids really enjoy making their place value books, it made it interesting for them.”

What’s Included in 2nd Grade Place Value:

Printable Resources:

  • Place Value Vocabulary Cards
  • My Place Value Book (7 pgs.)
  • How many tens = 100?
  • Counting Place Value Blocks by 100’s
  • Skip Counting by 100’s
  • Place Value Match (6 pgs.)
  • Place Value Chart (8 pgs.)
  • What Number Am I? (1 pg.)
  • Place Value Scoot (10 pgs.)
  • Place Value Quiz (1 page)

Google Slide Resources:

  • Place Value Vocabulary Cards
  • My Place Value Book
  • How many tens=100?
  • Counting Place Value blocks by 100s
  • Skip Counting by 100’s
  • Place Value Match
  • Place Value Chart
  • What Number Am I?
  • Quiz



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