Count to 1,000 – 2nd Grade 2.NBT.A.2 with Google Slides Distance Learning


This math unit teaches 2nd grade students how to count to 1000. Students will strengthen their number sense by learning to skip-count by 5s, 10s, and 100s.
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Count to 1,000 – 2nd Grade 2.NBT.A.2 with Google Slides Distance Learning

⭐These printable PDF and digital Google Slides math activities and worksheets are perfect for helping 2nd graders count, read, and write numbers up to 1000. This resource includes both printable PDF and Google Slides versions for easy distance learning.

⭐Aligned to 2.NBT.A.2, students learn to count within 1000; skip-count by 5s, 10s, and 100s.

⭐️If you do not use Common Core, this packet is still perfect for teaching 2nd grade math skills.

Teachers Just ❤️LOVE❤️ This Resource:

★ Jennifer R. said, “This has been a fabulous resource for helping my students count and skip count to 1,000! Thank you so much!”

★ Julianne C. said, “This was a necessary purchase! Didn’t realize that these kids couldn’t count! Thank you!”

★ Chalkboard and Apple said, “My goodness, but these were thorough and a hoot. Excellent stepping stones with lots of fun activities to get in all that counting skill. Great job!”

What’s Included:

1. My Thousands Book (7 pgs.)

2. Count by 1’s (2 pgs.)

3. Count by 5’s (1 pg.)

4. Mystery Pictures w/ answer keys (4 pgs.)

5. Number Lines (2 pgs.)

6. Number Charts (3 pgs.)

7. Count by 1’s (1 pg.)

8. Count By 5’s (1 pg.)

9. Count By 10’s (1 pg.)

10. Count By 100’s (1 pg.)

11. Counting Quiz (2 pgs.)


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