2nd Grade Interactive Journal – Numbers and Operations in Base Ten


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2nd Grade Interactive Journal – Numbers and Operations in Base Ten


Table of Contents
1. 2.NBT.A.1- Place Value
2. 2.NBT.A.2- Count within 1,000
3. 2.NBT.A.3- Read and Write Numbers to 1,000
4. 2.NBT.A.4- Compare two three-digit Numbers
5. 2.NBT.B.5- Fluently Add and Subtract to 100
6. 2.NBT.B.6- Add up to Four 2-Digit Numbers
7. 2.NBT.B.7- Add and Subtract within 1,000
8. 2.NBT.B.8- Mentally add or subtract 10 and 100
9. 2.NBT.B.9- Explain Why Addition and Subtraction Work


*Exit Tickets are included for each standard


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