Context Clues Targeted Practice – 2nd and 3rd Grade – Digital & Printable

Context Clues Targeted Practice – 2nd and 3rd Grade – Digital & Printable



Context Clues Targeted Practice – 2nd and 3rd Grade

⭐️ This digital & printable resource specifically targets building 2nd grade and 3rd grade context clues skills, making it perfect for review and practice. Excellent for remedial intervention with students who need more explicit and targeted practice before applying this skill to books and passages. Printable and Google Forms formats make this resource perfect for classroom and distance learning needs.


⭐️ This packet is perfect for honing context clues skills regardless of whether you use Common Core or state specific standards.


⭐️This Types of Poems Targeted Practice resource contains a digital version. The digital Google Forms resources require access to Google Drive.



✏️Targeted Practice: Breaks down each type of context clue with skill focused text and questions. Covers: Definitions, Examples, Synonyms, Antonyms, & Word Parts.


✏️Easy and Effective: Contains short questions and text style excerpts.


✏️Skill Focused: Targeted specifically for students to practice Context Clues skills.


✏️Comprehensive: Great for an introduction or remediation for context clues. This will help students identify and define vocabulary words in their every-day reading.


What’s Included:

1. How to Use This Resource Page

  • Teaching
  • Guided Practice
  • Independent Practice
  • Assessment
  • Next Steps

2. Context Clues Anchor Chart – Types of Context Clues

3. Short Passages & Question Worksheets*

  • Context Clues: Definition
  • Context Clues: Example
  • Context Clues: Synonyms
  • Context Clues: Antonyms
  • Context Clues: Word Parts
  • *Each Set Contains 4 Pages of Short Passages and 8 Questions totaling 20 practice pages

4. Context Clues Assessment

  • Assessment is 5 pages and mixes all the different types of context clues.
  • Part A / Part B questions, similar to what students will find on state tests.
  • Questions are multiple choice. Some part B questions are short response.


Copyright & Terms of Use

For copyright information and a summary of how this resource can and cannot be used, please review the Terms of Use Page.


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