Compare & Contrast – 4th & 5th Grade Florida BEST Standards – ELA.4.R.3.3/5.R.3.3

Compare & Contrast – 4th & 5th Grade Florida BEST Standards – ELA.4.R.3.3/5.R.3.3


Compare & Contrast – 4th & 5th Grade – ELA.4.R.3.3/5.R.3.3

⭐️These Lexile® leveled close reading stories are perfect for teaching 4th & 5th grade students about compare & contrast from primary & secondary sources. A firsthand account is a primary source. The story, event, or topic is based on the author’s experience. Diaries, autobiographies, letters, and interviews are firsthand accounts. Pronouns such as I, me, and we are used while a secondhand account is a secondary source. The story, event, or topic is based on the author’s research. Articles, biographies, and many books are secondhand accounts. Pronouns such as he, she, and they are used. This packet is designed to specifically fit 4th & 5th grade Florida B.E.S.T standard ELA.4.R.3.3/5.R.3.3 but can be used by anyone teaching compare & contrast from primary & secondary sources.


⭐️Includes Lexile leveled passages, standard based questions, anchor charts, and hands-on cut-and-paste visuals to help students master this skill.



✏️Integrated Color Coding – Color coding strategy encourages students to learn how to find and use text evidence in their answers.


✏️Comprehensive – Passages are perfect for comprehensive standard based test prep. Included anchor charts and questions make this resource great for lesson modeling. Works perfectly for small groups and guided reading.


✏️Scaffolding – Utilizes the Lexile Framework® for Reading and a mix of standard based essay and multiple choice questions to allow educators to scaffold independent work and homework. Also great for centers and interventions.


✏️Highly Engaging – Contains original stories with custom illustrations designed to engage students of all levels and interests.


What’s Included:

  1. Anchor Chart/Journal Page
  2. Ann Eggley’s Testimony About Coal Mining- 620L/Coal Mining Children- 790L
  3. Sojourner Truth on Women’s Rights- 790L / Sojourner Truth- 860L
  4. It Is the 6th of September [1941]- 610L /The Vilna Ghetto- 770L
  5. Mary Jemison: Life of a Captive- 870L /Excerpt from A Narrative of the Life of Mrs. Mary Jemison- 990L
  6. Excerpt from The Story of a Sweatshop Girl: Sadie Frowne- 880L/Journey to America- 870L
  7. Excerpt from Queen Victoria’s Diary- 900L /Queen Victoria- 820L
  8. The Buffalo Bulletin- 850L /The Life of the Lawless: Butch Cassidy- 900L
  9. The Dire Calamity and the Greater San Francisco- 870L /Fair Oaks, California May 15, 1906- 930L
  10. The New York Times Titanic Article- 860L /The Evening Bulletin Titanic Article- 770L
  11. Flight is a Success- 930L /Thursday, December 17- 970L
  12. Test
  • Excerpt from The Story of My Life- 970L
  • The Life of Helen Keller- 850L


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