Core Comprehension for Google Slides

Core Comprehension Reading Passages for Google Slides
These Lexileยฎ leveled close reading comprehension passages and question sets aligned to common core standards and associated skills are perfect for teaching, developing, or refining fundamental grade level reading skills. Google slides versions are perfect for Google Classroom integration and distance learning.

If you do not use Common Core, these packets are still perfect for teaching key reading comprehension skills.

Includes standard based questions, anchor charts, and skills focused test passages. Certified Lexile measured close reading comprehension texts are varied within corresponding grade level bands.
What’s Included?

Anchor Charts
Skill Focused Practice Passages & Question Sets
Skill Focused Test Passages & Question Sets
Answer Key

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  • Ask & Answer Questions - 1st Grade RI.1.1 - Reading Comprehension Passages RI1.1
  • Author's Purpose & Point of View - 6th Grade RI.6.6 - Reading Passages for RI6.6
  • Central Idea - 6th Grade RI.6.2 - Reading Passages for RI6.2
  • Characters, Settings, and Events - 1st Grade RL.1.3 - Reading Passages for RL1.3
  • Compare & Contrast Author Presentation - RI.6.9 - Reading Passages for RI6.9
  • Compare & Contrast Events from Multiple Accounts RI.5.6 - Reading Passages RI5.6
  • Compare & Contrast Genres - 6th Grade RL.6.9 - Reading Passages for RL6.9
  • Compare & Contrast Stories in a Series - 3rd RL.3.9 - Printable & Digital RL3.9

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