Mentor Standards

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  • All the Way to the Top Mentor Text Unit
  • Mentor Text Unit Juno Valentine
  • The Legend of Old Befana Mentor Text Unit in Google Slides and Printable cover
  • Mentor Text Unit We Are Water Protectors with Google Slides Distance Learning
  • Trombone Shorty Mentor Text Unit
  • Your Name Is A Song digital and printable mentor text unit cover
  • Ask & Answer Questions Mentor Texts - 2nd Grade RL.2.1 & 3rd Grade RL.3.1
  • Ask and Answer Questions Mentor Texts - 2nd Grade RI.2.1 & 3rd Grade RI.3.1
  • Character Challenges Mentor Texts - 2nd Grade RL.2.3
  • Compare & Contrast Stories Mentor Texts - 2nd Grade RL.2.9 & 3rd Grade RL.3.9
  • Poetry Words and Phrases Mentor Texts - 2nd Grade RL.2.4 & 3rd Grade RL.3.4
  • Recount Folktales Mentor Texts- 2nd Grade RL.2.2 & 3rd Grade RL.3.2
  • Story Structure Mentor Texts - 2nd Grade RL.2.5

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