Trombone Shorty Mentor Text Unit with Google Slides for DISTANCE Learning

Trombone Shorty Mentor Text Unit with Google Slides for DISTANCE Learning



⭐Students explore figurative language and point of view with this printable & digital resource. Students use the picture book Trombone Shorty by Troy Andrews as a mentor text to practice text comprehension, text analysis, innovative thinking, figurative language skills, point of view, and biographical and autobiographical writing while learning jazz music and the culture in New Orleans.


⭐This cross-curricular unit includes five days of reading, writing, social studies, and STEAM activities. It is available in both print and digital Google Slides, so it is perfect for classroom and distance learning.


Key Features:


✏️ Integrated Teaching Tools – This resource includes discussion questions, a five-day lesson plan with teacher instructions, and a general pedagogy summary.


✏️ Cross-Curricular Student Engagement – Student questions and prompts focus on reading comprehension, response writing, and more.


✏️ Promotes Awareness & Critical Thinking – Questions prompts, and activities promote awareness and cultural understanding. Students complete activities like character analysis and research writing to help develop critical thinking skills.


✏️ Dynamic & Immersive – This resource contains links to read aloud, stories, interviews, maps, and others, as well as engaging and educational activities to immerse students into the topic.


✏️ Digital & Printable Versions – Printable & Google Slides versions make this resource flexible for in-person and/or distance learning. Google slides functionality can be used in the classroom along with the print resources.


✏️ Diversity & Culture – Integrated stories and mentor texts are selected to promote diversity and cultural awareness.



What is Included?


Day 1:

  • Where in the World?
  • Vocabulary Picture Match
  • Trombone Shorty Mentor Text
  • Comprehension Questions


Day 2:

  • Figurative Language Mini-Lesson
  • Simile vs. Metaphor Sort
  • Do You Have a Nickname?


Day 3:

  • Meet Troy Andrews Timeline
  • What is Jazz Music?


Day 4:

  • Point of View Mini-Lesson
  • Paired Text: Little Melba and Her Big Trombone
  • Biography or Autobiography?


Day 5:

  • Write an Autobiography!



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