2nd Grade Math Picture Problems – Google Slides Distance Learning & Print

2nd Grade Math Picture Problems – Google Slides Distance Learning & Print



2nd Grade Math Picture Problems

✏️ These 2nd grade math picture problems in Google Slides and print format include 75 unique, standards-based picture problems for students to solve. There are 3 picture problems for each grade-level math standard. Each problem is constructed response, includes an applicable photo for students to study, and provides a workspace and problem-solving checklist.


✏️ Why picture problems? Using pictures to teach math is a powerful strategy that can help students understand the meaning behind math. Pictures can show your students how math is applicable to real-life as opposed to being equations that are far removed. Pictures help students see patterns and numbers in their everyday lives.


✏️ Digital & Printable Versions – Google Slides/Forms and print versions make this resource perfect for classroom and distance learning. The digital version can be used dynamically in the classroom as a presentation while students complete each passage and question set in groups or individually.


✏️ This resource is an amazing supplement to reinforce critical thinking. There are three problems for each standard (two given, and one create-your-own). This resource can help teachers easily incorporate these important types of problems into weekly lessons through one of the following:


⭐️ Bellringer work

⭐️ Center activity

⭐️ “Exit” Ticket

⭐️ Holds students accountable to daily lessons

⭐️ Common Core aligned, but can be applied to many state standards


What’s Included:

All Math Standards and Domains!

  • Operations & Algebraic Thinking
  • Numbers & Operations in Base Ten
  • Measurement & Data
  • Geometry


A total of 75 picture problems!


Looking for Differentiation? Try the 1st or 3rd grade versions!


Copyright & Terms of Use

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