2nd Grade Reading Passages & Graphic Organizers – Google Slide Distance Learning


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⭐️These interactive digital graphic organizers in Google Slides contain a graphic organizer and two reading passages for every 2nd grade reading comprehension standard. Google Slides format is compatible with Google Classroom and other distance learning platforms. Editable text allows students to highlight text evidence. Students type answers right in the boxes on the screen.


✏️Interactive – Students can highlight text and type their answers directly into the resource. Google Slides documents automatically save, so teachers are able to see changes as they are made on the slides.

✏️Distance Learning Ready – Google Slides format is compatible with Google Classroom and can be used in any distance learning application. This resource can also be used for distance learning without utilizing a 3rd party application by creating share links in Google Drive.

✏️Comprehensive – This resource covers all reading comprehension standards for 2nd grade. Students review the fundamental skills by engaging with interactive anchor charts and completing tasks associated with two passages that accompany each standard and anchor chart.


What’s Included?


  • Answer Questions: Jim’s Birdhouse
  • Answer Questions: Back to School Shopping
  • Recount Folktales: King of the Birds
  • Recount Fables: The Rat and the Elephant
  • Characters Respond to Problems: Jordy’s Pet
  • Characters Respond to Problems: Sunday Storm
  • Poetry Language: Little Lights
  • Poetry Language: Big Cats
  • Interpret Words: Peter’s Experiment
  • Interpret Words: The Story of Daniel Webster
  • Story Structure: Roxy’s Lemonade Stand
  • Story Structure: Jago’s Plant
  • Character Point of View: The Scraggly Stray
  • Character Point of View : The Dilemma
  • Use Illustrations: The Lie
  • Use Illustrations: Phillip Saves the Day
  • Compare & Contrast Versions of Stories: The Goose with the Golden Egg & The Dog and His Reflection
  • Compare & Contrast Versions of Stories: How the Bear Got Its Tail & How the Anteater Got Its Nose


  • Answer Questions: Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Answer Questions: Thomas Jefferson
  • Topic & Main Idea: The Invention of Popsicles
  • Topic & Main Idea: Tarsiers
  • Connecting Historical Events: The Invention of Pizza
  • Connecting Historical Events: Sojourner Truth
  • Connecting Scientific Ideas: The Chicken’s Lifecycle
  • Connecting Scientific Ideas: The Okapi
  • Connecting Steps in a Procedure: Treasure Hunt
  • Connecting Steps in a Procedure: How to Set the Table
  • Interpret Words: Zookeepers
  • Interpret Words: The Lifecycle of A Butterfly
  • Text Features: Clouds
  • Text Features: Vehicles
  • Author’s Purpose: Sea Stars
  • Author’s Purpose: Clothing Colors
  • Text Images: Bicycle Baseball Cards
  • Text Images: Africa
  • Reasons Support Points: Finding Food
  • Reasons Support Points: Building Roads
  • Compare & Contrast Main Points: Polar Bears & Rhinos
  • Compare & Contrast Main Points: Aria Novak and Jaylen Arnold


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