4th Grade Math Exit Tickets with Google Slides for Distance Learning




✏️These 4th grade math exit tickets in both paper and Google Slides include 112 short quick check math exit tickets for each 4th grade math standard. There are 4 exit tickets for every math standard, with each one increasing in difficulty. Questions are presented in a variety of ways including short response, multiple choice, drawing, written response, etc.


⭐️ Excellent quick assessment at the end of a lesson

⭐️ Quick to administer and easy to grade

⭐️ Helps teachers determine next steps and identify students who need more help

⭐️ Holds students accountable to daily lessons

⭐️ Common Core aligned, but can be applied to many state standards



What’s Included:


All Math Standards and Domains!

  • Operations & Algebraic Thinking
  • Numbers & Operations in Base Ten
  • Numbers & Operations in Fractions
  • Measurement & Data
  • Geometry


A total of 112 exit tickets!

Exit tickets fit two to a page to help save paper and printing costs.


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