Jeopardy Style 2nd Grade Fiction Reading Comprehension Review ELA Quiz Game Show

Jeopardy Style 2nd Grade Fiction Reading Comprehension Review ELA Quiz Game Show



Jeopardy Style 2nd Grade Fiction Reading Comprehension Review

❓ This Jeopardy style Game Show Quiz digital resource activity makes 2nd grade reading comprehension review fun and exciting with zero teacher prep. Students take turns selecting clues from six reading comprehension categories. Each selection contains a short reading passage followed by a standard based multiple-choice question. The questions in each category are scaffolded with more challenging questions carrying higher point values. Students are awarded points and receive positive reinforcement for correct answers. Students who answer incorrectly are shown the proper response to encourage skill development.


This Game Show Quiz incorporates the following 2nd grade reading comprehension skills:

✅ Answer Questions

✅ Recount Stories

✅ Characters

✅ Poetry

✅ Point of View

✅ Compare & Contrast


This 2nd Grade Reading Comprehension Review Game Show Quiz is perfect for engaging reading review and effective test prep.


✨ This Reading Comprehension Game Show Quiz comes in MagiCore WebLink format. It automatically tracks student scores, provides feedback and support, and requires zero prep. Simply share the link or use the QR code to get started. If you haven’t used a MagiCore Webscape or WebLink activity, CLICK HERE to experience it for yourself.


➔ No prep digital resource activity using MagiCore WebLink.

➔ Multiple choice questions mimic state testing formats.

➔ Passages written specifically for 2nd grade.

➔ Reading comprehension questions are skill-focused.

➔ Instant feedback for effective skill development and reinforcement.


What’s Included:

1. Directions for Use

2. MagiCore WebLink & QR Code

3. One player and multi-player modes (up to 4 players/teams)


Copyright & Terms of Use

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