5th Grade Differentiated Guided Reading Small Group Lessons & Readers Full Year

5th Grade Differentiated Guided Reading Small Group Lessons & Readers Full Year


Guided Reading 5th Grade Bundle

⭐️ Each guided reading unit in this bundle includes professionally Lexile leveled readers differentiated at 3 levels, lesson plans, graphic organizers, fluency checks, and more. Each guided reading unit is focused on one specific reading skill. Guided readers come in many different formats to make this resource perfect for classroom and distance learning needs. Versions include printable booklets, online flipbook with recorded read aloud, printable PDF, printer-friendly version, and in Google Slides.


⭐️ Each unit contains guided readers differentiated at three different levels to span the entire 5th grade text complexity band. This Growing Bundle is designed to cover all of the fourth grade reading comprehension skills and standards you will need for the year.



⭐️ Skill Overview: Each reader focuses on general comprehension and guided reading skills, with a focus on one particular skill or standard.


⭐️Dynamic Formatting: These guided readers come in a multitude of printable and digital versions, so they work perfectly whether you are teaching in person, virtually, or a mix of the two! Digital flipbooks have a built-in read-aloud feature and are perfect for both classroom and distance learning. If you never used this amazing tool, CLICK HERE for an example from my Halloween freebie! You can also use these in the classroom as a center or for extra practice.


⭐️ Differentiated: Readers are differentiated across three levels so you can easily meet all of your student’s needs with the same texts and minimal planning.


⭐️ Audio Versions: All digital guided readers include an audio option for students to listen along.


⭐️ Comprehensive: Everything you need is included! All lesson plans, teacher questions, student questions, fluency checks, and graphic organizers are in these units.


⭐️ Engaging & Diverse: These resources include a combination of original and adapted texts selected to engage 5th grade students. Texts were specifically written and selected to meet each lesson standard and to promote inclusiveness and diversity.


⭐️Full Week Lesson Plans: Each guided reading lesson is designed to take one week to complete and includes a full week of lesson plans. These units are flexible and can be extended if your students need more time.


What is Included?

Reading Literature Text

  1. RL.5.1 Inferences and Explicit Details in Fiction
  2. RL.5.2 Theme and Summary
  3. RL.5.3 Compare Characters, Settings, & Events
  4. RL.5.4 Context Clues in Fiction
  5. RL.5.5 Structure of Drama
  6. RL.5.6 Compare Point of View
  7. RL.5.7 Illustrations in Text
  8. RL.5.9 Compare & Contrast Stories in the Same Genre
  9. RL.5.10 Fiction Comprehension Review


Reading Informational Text

  1. RI.5.1 Inferences and Explicit Details in Nonfiction
  2. RI.5.2 Main Idea to Summarize
  3. RI.5.3 Connections in Historical Events Texts
  4. RI.5.4 Context Clues
  5. RI.5.5 Compare Text Structure
  6. RI.5.6 Analyze Accounts
  7. RI.5.7 Print and Digital Sources
  8. RI.5.8 Reasons and Evidence
  9. RI.5.9 Integrate Information
  10. RI.5.10 Nonfiction Comprehension Review


*Some of the lessons available in this resource bundle are the same as the 4th-grade bundle. The combined 4th & 5th-grade bundle is available here.


*When using the online readers, please note that some browsers may auto-play the audio readings even though the auto-play functionality is disabled. If your browser is auto-playing the audio, simply flip to the second page then back to the first to stop the auto-play.


Not a Google Classroom?

Not a problem! These resources feature a digital flipbook version accessible via any web browser. If desired, the Google Slides version of these units can be easily converted to PowerPoint for use with Microsoft Teams.


Copyright & Terms of Use

For copyright information and a summary of how this resource can and cannot be used, please review the Terms of Use Page.


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