2nd Grade Math Curriculum Bundle




2nd Grade Math Curriculum Bundle

This Common Core aligned 2nd grade math curriculum bundle includes mini lesson presentations, student practice, vocabulary, activities, assessments, and task cards for centers. Everything you need for teaching every 2nd grade Common Core standard is in one place! Rest assured, this unit will provide effective scaffolding, consistency, and rigor so your students will master the skills and standards and show significant growth.


This curriculum includes three of my math bundles:

⭐️Digital Mini Lessons

⭐️Math Resource Bundle

⭐️Math Task Cards


Digital Mini Lessons: Daily lessons plans and activities for whole class instruction. These can also be used as a center for review work. 28 Lessons and instructions broke down by day. Lessons incorporate videos, songs, and other visuals as well as practice questions to gradually release responsibility to students.


Mini-Lessons include a Google Slides presentation and a printable recording sheet. The printable recording sheet can be used for students to complete as they follow along during the lesson.


Math Resources: 22 Units of printables including vocabulary cards, anchor charts, activities, mini books, and assessments. Everything comes in both print and Google Slides formats.


Task Cards: 26 sets of 30 skill-focused task cards. Perfect for consistent centers with low prep. Includes three formats – printable, Google Slides, and Boom Learning.



✏️ Consistency – All resources are aligned to work together.


✏️ Comprehensive – Plenty of activities for your entire math block! Mini lessons, student practice, small groups, and centers.


✏️ Engaging – Integrates a variety of technology and kid-friendly activities to make learning fun.


✏️ Rigor – Everything was created to meet the appropriate rigor of Common Core Standards and prepare students for third grade and beyond.


✏️ Scaffolding – All lessons and activities are scaffolded to release student responsibility and increase in rigor.


✏️ Assessment – Includes informal assessments in lessons and formal quizzes and tests in the math bundle.


What is Included?

  1. Addition and Subtraction Word Problems- 2.OA.A.1
  2. Mental Math Strategies: Addition- 2.OA.B.2
  3. Mental Math Strategies: Subtraction- 2.OA.B.2
  4. Odd and Even Numbers- 2.OA.C.3
  5. Arrays- 2.OA.C.4
  6. Place Value: Hundreds, Tens, and Ones- 2.NBT.A.1
  7. Count to 1,000, Skip Count by 5s, 10s, and 100s- 2.NBT.A.2
  8. Read and Write Numbers to 1,000- 2.NBT.A.3
  9. Greater Than & Less Than- 2.NBT.A.4
  10. Adding with Base Ten and Decomposing to Add- 2.NBT.B.5
  11. Adding with an Open Number Line- 2.NBT.B.5
  12. Adding with Standard Algorithm- 2.NBT.B.5
  13. Subtracting with Base Ten and Decomposing to Add- 2.NBT.B.5
  14. Subtracting with an Open Number Line- 2.NBT.B.5
  15. Subtracting with Standard Algorithm- 2.NBT.B.5
  16. Add four 2-digit Numbers- 2.NBT.B.6
  17. Add to 1,000- 2.NBT.B.7
  18. Subtract to 1,000- 2.NBT.B.7
  19. Mentally Add 10 or 100- 2.NBT.B.8
  20. Explain Why Addition and Subtraction Work- 2.NBT.B.9
  21. Measure Length- 2.MD.A.1
  22. Compare Measurements- 2.MD.A.2
  23. Estimate Lengths- 2.MD.A.3
  24. How Much Longer?- 2.MD.A.4
  25. Measurement Word Problems- 2.MD.B.5
  26. Measurement Number line- 2.MD.B.6
  27. Tell Time- 2.MD.C.7
  28. Money Word Problems- 2.MD.C.8
  29. Measurement Data- 2.MD.D.9
  30. Picture and Bar Graphs- 2.MD.D.10
  31. 2D and 3D Shapes- 2.G.A.1
  32. Partition Rectangles- 2.G.A.2
  33. Fractions- 2.G.A.3


Not a Google Classroom?

All Google Slide units can be easily converted to PowerPoint for use with Microsoft Teams.


Copyright & Terms of Use

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