Morning Work: October Holidays

Morning Work: October Holidays


Morning Work: October Holidays

⭐️Reading comprehension, math, and writing morning work for every day in October. Each day is focused on a national holiday (some real, some silly). Engaging standards-based routines to promote independent morning routines for 2nd and 3rd grade.


Each day students will:

  • Read a short paragraph about the national holiday
  • Answer two text-based questions by underlining the answer in the passage.
  • Respond to a writing prompt.
  • Select a choice for a class bar graph, then respond (orally or written) to standards-based questions.


The main standards that are addressed are:

  1. RI.2.10/ RI.3.10 read and comprehend informational text.
  2. Various writing standards including W.2.1/ W.3.1, W.2.2/ W.3.2, W.2.3/ W.3.3.
  3. Math graphing standards 2.MD.D.10 & 3.MD.B.3.


There are paragraphs, prompts, and graph questions for every day in October, so you will have ample to choose from.


This product allows for differentiation.


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