Morning Work: September Holidays

Morning Work: September Holidays


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Morning Work: September Holidays

✍Bell ringer morning work includes close reading, writing activities, and graphing skills for every day in September. Each day includes a reading passage focused on a different historical, silly, or themed holiday with questions, a response activity, and a graphing activity.


✍Engaging standards-based routines to promote independent morning routines for 2nd and 3rd grade.



✅ Independent: Activities are designed to be completed independently, giving teachers space to focus during the morning routine.


✅ Structured: Structured morning work activity provides students with repetitive processes and clear expectations, reducing the need for teacher intervention.


✅ No Grading: Results can be easily reviewed as a class or in groups.


✅ Group Engagement: Independent work can transform into a class exercise with Student Vote & Graph feature.


✅ Productive: No busy work here. These passages and exercises build core reading comprehension skills.


✅ High Engagement: Each passage covers a holiday for a specific day. Students look forward to each topic. Topics range from silly to serious to engage all students.


Each day students will:

  • Read a short paragraph about the national holiday
  • Answer two text-based questions by underlining the answer in the passage.
  • Respond to a writing prompt.
  • Select a choice for a class bar graph, then respond (orally or written) to standards-based questions.


The main standards that are covered:

  1. RI.2.10/ RI.3.10 read and comprehend informational text.
  2. Various writing standards including W.2.1/ W.3.1, W.2.2/ W.3.2, W.2.3/ W.3.3.
  3. Math graphing standards 2.MD.D.10 & 3.MD.B.3.


What’s Included:

  1. Monthly Holiday Cover
  2. Tips for Implementation
  3. Monthly Holiday Calendar
  4. Bar Graphing Directions
  5. Graphing Questions Form
  6. Sticky Note Template
  7. Daily Holiday Passages with Questions, Writing Prompts, and Graphing Sticky Note Categories


  • Each day is focused on a holiday (some real, some silly).


Differentiation Note:

This product allows for differentiation. There are paragraphs, prompts, and graph questions for every day in the school year, so you will have ample to choose from if you want to differentiate.


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