A Scientist’s Job – 1st & 2nd Grade Science Unit – Printable & Digital

A Scientist’s Job – 1st & 2nd Grade Science Unit – Printable & Digital



A Scientist’s Job – 1st & 2nd Grade Science Unit

⭐This printable PDF and digital Google Slides resource is perfect for teaching 1st & 2nd graders all about a scientist’s job and introduce the scientific method. This resource includes both printable PDF and Google Slides versions for classroom & distance learning flexibility.


⭐ Contains video lessons, mini book, experiments, activities, quiz, and so much more!



✏️Integrated Science Exploration Labs: This resource contains 3 labs that integrate the scientific process. Each lab utilizes ordinary household items, so students can still experiment even if they are learning from home.


✏️Engaging & Educational: Students complete their own mini-book and flip-flap activity about the scientific process. Experiments and included vocabulary cards and brainstorm blocks are all designed to engage students and promote an understanding of the scientific process.


✏️Dynamic Formats: Google Slides format allows students to immerse themselves in the lesson, with embedded videos, editable slides, interactive content, and answer text boxes. The printable PDF version is formatted for teachers to use in the classroom as a printable resource.


Teachers Just ❤️LOVE❤️ This Resource:

★ Rebecca J. said, This resource was an amazing addition to kicking off the school year learning about what scientists do! The experiments were easy to prep and follow, and my students LOVED them!


★ Courtney M. said, Thorough and comprehensive way to introduce the scientific method! Kids will easily understand the concept! Fun experiments! Excited to use this unit!


What’s Included?

  1. Video Resources and Teacher Aid (3 pg.)
  2. Brainstorm Blocks (1 pg.)
  3. Vocabulary Cards (2 pgs.)
  4. A Scientist’s Job Book ( 16 pgs.)
  5. Scientific Method Flip Book Activity (3 pgs.)
  6. Science Exploration: Color Swirl (3 pgs.)
  7. Science Exploration: Chemistry in a Bag (3 pgs.)
  8. Science Exploration: Molding Milk (3 pgs.)
  9. Be a Scientist: Design Your Own Experiment Template (3 pgs.)
  10. Quiz (1 pg.)


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