Three Ways to Make the End of the School Year Fun Pin Cover

How to Make End of The Year Review Fun

Students are antsy, teachers are tired, and everyone is looking forward to the end of the school year. Summer vacation can’t come fast enough, but you still have a few weeks (or maybe even months😬) of school left. What can you do to keep your students engaged in meaningful activities while saving you prep time? Here are three ideas on how to make end of the year review effective, fun,

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How to Implement Literature Circles in Elementary Pin

Suggestions for Implementing Literature Circles

Literature circles can be an effective teaching tool because they help get students excited about reading. Here are some suggestions for implementing effective and engaging literature circles that you can use in your classroom. What are Literature Circles? Literature circles are small groups of students who gather regularly to discuss a book in depth. The purpose of literature circles is to provide true-to-life reading experiences for students so they can

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3 Ways to Teach about Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. While we should be celebrating diversity and diverse cultures all year, May is a special time to focus on the diverse cultures that encompass Asia and the Pacific. In light of recent events and increased violence toward Asian Americans, it is more important than ever to embrace diversity and take a few moments to celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander heritage.

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Elementary Picture Books for Asian Pacific Heritage Blog

Book Recommendations for Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have played a key role in shaping America. We have recently seen some of the heartbreaking challenges many people with Asian and Pacific heritage face in America. For this reason, during May and all year, it is important to share the stories of immigrants from Asia and the Pacific Islands. There are so many unique cultures and stories to celebrate! We have to break the

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How to use escape rooms to review content blog cover showing image of printable teaching resource and text

How To Use Escape Room Resources for Effective Review

Escape Room themed teaching resources are becoming a trend in education for a reason. They provide an engaging way for students to review a concept while collaborating with each other. In this blog, I share ideas for how to use both printable and digital escape rooms for engaging and effective skill review. When to Use Escape Room Resources Escape rooms are perfect for reviewing key concepts. Therefore, they should be

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image showing various math exit tickets for 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th grade

How to Use Math Exit Tickets Effectively

As a child, I always HATED math. I thought I was just not good at it. I remember the anxiety leading up to nearly every math test. I was so worried my teacher and my parents would finally know how clueless I was. They would chastise me for not asking for help sooner. The reality is this level of pressure and stress should not be on our students. Our job

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How to Make the Most of Mid-Year Assessments blog cover showing text and images of benchmark tests

How to Make the Most of Mid-Year Assessments

Most teachers administer large assessments at the beginning of the year for a baseline. Districts give standardized tests toward the end of the year to measure student progress. As a classroom teacher, I always felt that a mid-year assessment was the most important evaluation tool for checking my students’ progress. The mid-year benchmark assessment tells teachers what skills the students have mastered, and which ones still need to be taught

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Using mentor texts units for teaching blog post cover showing book units

Easy Way to Use Books for Cross-Curricular Teaching

Mentor texts can be a powerful cross-curricular teaching tool to engage students in reading while teaching them about the world around them. Mentor texts can empower students to learn about different people, cultures, or topics they might not otherwise experience. They can also teach students to empathize with others. This is why I created mentor text units. They are designed to help students think critically about the world while actively

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How to access and assign resources in Seesaw blog post cover

How to Access & Assign Resources in Seesaw

Whether you use Seesaw regularly or are new to the platform, sharing a purchased resource may get a little confusing. Here’s a step by step on how to get it done. Purchasing a Resource for Seesaw Before you purchase a resource for use in Seesaw, make sure you have an account in the platform. Each purchased resource is already part of the seller’s Seesaw Activity Library under their own Seesaw

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cover for preparing for a substitute teacher showing sub in a classroom during covid 19

The Insider’s Guide to Preparing for a Substitute Teacher

Getting a good substitute teacher is hard. And getting a good sub to come back can be even more difficult – especially with the COVID-19 pandemic. But there are things you can do to increase the likelihood that your sub will be successful, which will make you, your students, and the sub happy. Best of all, the sub will want to come back next time you need one – which

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