History of Thanksgiving Reading Comprehension Passages Questions Pilgrims Native Middle School

History of Thanksgiving Reading Comprehension Passages Questions Pilgrims Native Middle School



History of Thanksgiving Reading Comprehension Passages Questions – Middle School

Beyond Thanksgiving: Wampanoag Native Americans and Pilgrim Perspectives Printable Passage Unit for 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.


Dive deep into the true history of Thanksgiving with this comprehensive passage unit. Unveil the myths and inaccuracies previously perpetuated in schools through untold stories of the Wampanoag people and the pilgrims, exploring their rich legacies, challenges, and impacts on American history.


This resource teaches history in an accurate way through multiple perspectives. We did the research so you can be sure to “get it right.



  • 10 Lexile Leveled Passages: Tailored to captivate students from grades 5-8, these passages are perfectly aligned with the 5th- 8th Grade Text Complexity Bands.
  • Engaging Comprehension Activities: Each passage is paired with thought-provoking comprehension questions and a stimulating reading response activity to test knowledge and inspire deeper reflection.
  • Passages cover Wampanoag history before colonization, during colonization, and in present day in hopes to clear up misconceptions and inaccuracies students may have.


Passages Include:

  1. Beyond Thanksgiving: The Rich Legacy and Challenges of the Wampanoag People (1180L) – Delve into the traditions, unexpected encounters, and subsequent colonization impact.
  2. The Pilgrim’s Journey (1070L) -Embark on a journey alongside the pilgrims as they navigated a new world.
  3. Examining Primary Sources: The First Thanksgiving – Peek into authentic documents and accounts that capture the essence of that historic feast.
  4. The Evolution of the Thanksgiving Holiday (1160L) – Unravel how this celebration evolved over the centuries.
  5. A Day of Mourning: The Other Side of Thanksgiving (1140L) – Reflect on experience and opinion of the Wampanoag people on Thanksgiving
  6. The Wampanoag People Today (1150L) – Celebrate the resilience and contributions of the Wampanoag people in today’s world.


This unit is perfect for teachers seeking to present a balanced and insightful view of Thanksgiving. Perfect for classroom discussions, group projects, or independent studies.


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