Opinion Writing Passages and Prompts with Lexile Levels – 4th & 5th Grade



Opinion Writing Passages and Prompts – 4th and 5th Grade

⭐ This opinion writing passages and prompts unit contains five sets of original Lexile leveled passages with the corresponding opinion and persuasive writing prompts. Printable PDF & Digital Google Slides versions make this resource perfect for classroom and distance learning. Leveled specifically for 4th & 5th grade, students use the passages and corresponding prompts to write their own reports on each topic.


⭐ This unit is perfect for standardized test prep or to be used as an assessment to demonstrate 4th & 5th grade narrative writing mastery.


⭐ This resource is aligned to Common Core Standards W.4.1 and W.5.1. If you don’t use Common Core, this resource can still be used to teach and develop expository writing skills. Aligns with many state specific standards like TEAKS and VASOL.



✏️ Certified Lexile Levels: This resource contains 5 sets of certified Lexile leveled passages that students use as prompts for their own narrative writing. Each passage is specifically crafted to fall within the 4th & 5th grade text complexity band.


✏️ Test Prep Ready: Writing prompts mimic many standardized test assessments, making this resource perfect for test prep.


✏️ Integrated Assessment: Included rubric makes self and teacher assessment easy.


✏️ Highly Engaging: Each topic is selected to be educational and engaging. Original texts and illustrations are crafted specifically for 4th & 5th grade readers.


✏️ Flexible Formats: Printable and digital versions are perfect for in-person and remote learning. Google Slides version is compatible with Google Classroom and can be downloaded in PowerPoint to integrate with Microsoft Teams.


What’s Included:

1. Passage & Prompt Set 1: The Organic Debate

  • Source 1: Understanding the “Organic” Label: 890L
  • Source 2: Eat Organic: 800L
  • Source 3: The Organic Myth: 1020L

2. Passage & Prompt Set 2: Aquariums

  • Source 1: Bringing the Ocean to Humans: 970L
  • Source 2: The Dark Side of Aquariums: 780L

3. Passage & Prompt Set 3: Technology

  • Source 1: The Dangers of Technoference: 910L
  • Source 2: Connection at Your Fingertips: 780L
  • Source 3: The Convenience of Smartphones: 860L
  • Source 4: A Disconnected Generation: 1000L

4. Passage & Prompt Set 4: Immigration

  • Source 1: Immigration Laws Should Be Stricter: 860L
  • Source 2: Allow More Immigrants into the United States: 850L

5. Passage & Prompt Set 5: Animal Testing

  • Source 1: The Benefits of Animal Testing: 1010L
  • Source 2: The Harmful Side of Animal Testing: 960L

6. Standards-Based Scoring Rubric


Copyright & Terms of Use

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Passages & Prompts Writing Bundle 4th and 5th Grade Google Slides Distance Learning

Opinion Writing Bundle – 4th & 5th Grade

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Opinion Writing Unit – 4th & 5th Grade


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