Plan a Vacation Project Based Learning Task – Upper Elementary

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Plan a Vacation Project Based Learning

⭐ Plan a Dream Vacation is a project based learning unit based all around planning out various aspects of a trip to a dream location. This resource contains a standards-based unit in both printable PDF and Google Slides versions – so it’s the perfect activity to increase engagement and interest in the classroom or distance learning. Students follow instructions to select their destination, apply for travel documents, book transportation, and lodging, budget activities, dining, and souvenirs and create a travel scrapbook and brochure. Additional “challenge activities” engage students and develop further understanding of the concepts and skills.


⭐ This project-based learning task involves using real life mathematics, social studies, geography, research, and writing skills. This resource is suggested for use in fourth through sixth grades. Challenge problems, research scaffolding, and open-ended questions allow for easy adaptation and differentiation to meet most students’ levels.


Key Features:

✏️ Printable & Digital Format – Printable PDF & Google Slides formats make this resource perfect for classroom instruction, distance learning, and everywhere in between. Digital and printable versions are consistent, so it can be used for combination classroom and virtual instruction situations.


✏️ Educational & Engaging – This resource will capture the imagination of your students while they practice key math, social studies, and English language arts skills. Students are required to plan and develop a dream vacation including completing research, calculations, and writing for the trip.


✏️ Differentiation – Three challenge activities mean that you can challenge your high performing students while making the resource accessible to your on level and below level students.


What’s Included?

  1. Teacher and Student Directions
  2. Standards Alignment
  3. Where in the World Will You Go? (brainstorm)
  4. Select Your Destination (research)
  5. Destination Geography (geography)
  6. Weather and Climate (science and research)
  7. Travel Documents (real-life role play)
  8. Book Your Transportation (research, budget money)
  9. Book Your Lodging (research, budget money)
  10. Plan Your Itinerary (research, scheduling)
  11. Plan Dining (research, budget money, adding and subtracting)
  12. Purchasing Souvenirs (research, budget money, adding and subtracting)
  13. Packing (critical thinking)
  14. Travel Journal and Brochure (writing)
  15. Challenge #1 Bring a Friend (money, adding and subtracting)
  16. Challenge #2 Detour (money, adding and subtracting)
  17. Challenge #3 Write a Review (opinion writing)
  18. Self Reflection and Rubric


Copyright & Terms of Use

For copyright information and a summary of how this resource can and cannot be used, please review the Terms of Use Page.


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1 review for Plan a Vacation Project Based Learning Task – Upper Elementary

  1. Mary Zogbi (verified owner)

    My high school essential skills special education students absolutely LOVE this project! We are currently working on it and they are telling their other teachers about what destination they have picked and starting conversations with peers and other staff members about what destinations they would pick and why. They are having so much fun staying within the given budget, and are currently working so hard to potentially propose their vacation ideas to their parents with this project. Some of my students are just excited to do the work in the activity and some are going above and beyond with the budget and detailing all of their work so far. The activity includes different resources for the students to use themselves to complete their research, which has been super helpful. This activity has my students thinking abstractly and critically about all that goes into planning a vacation trip. We did an overview of the entire project together as a class and different students are so excited to do different parts of the project. Everything is either right at their level or is pushing them just enough to learn something new during the process!

    • jonathan

      Hi Mary!

      I’m so happy you and your students are loving this activity so much. Thank you for taking the time to share this amazing review with us!!


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