Tips for Teaching How to Read and Write Numbers to 100

Read and write numbers to 100 is a skill that sounds so simple but can actually be a touch challenging for students. Such a sneaky, sneaky standard. Students are expected to read numbers in standard form, word form, and expanded form while writing numbers in standard and expanded form up to 100. What’s the tricky part you ask? *insert drum roll…..* Reading numbers in word form at this age level

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How To Prepare for a Substitute Teacher

We’ve all been there. It’s 2am and you’ve been woken up from your slumber with a very upset stomach sprinting to the bathroom. Or maybe you actually made it to the time your alarm went off, but your body is aching beyond belief, and now you have cold chills and a fever. You know what that’s called? Yep, sickness. I know you’re thinking, “I don’t have time to be sick.

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Five Great 100th Day of School Activities

There are so many days that I love during the school year. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but hanging out in the top five is definitely the 100th day of school. You know what I love about it? It’s a “fun” day where I can teach academics without the kids going completely crazy. I mean, let’s reflect for a moment and think about holidays. Do you get any academic

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Tips for New Teachers

Tips for New Teachers to Achieve Classroom Success

Ok, let’s talk about new teachers. We’ve all been there once. Or maybe twice. Or maybe every single year when there are a bazillion new changes. New teachers are so special. Fresh out of school and ready to grab their flair pens and make a difference in students’ lives. The thing that most new teachers don’t usually realize is the workload that they are about to walk into. Sometimes, the

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How To Practice Subtraction With Regrouping

Ahhhh, subtraction with regrouping. I can feel the confusion in the air just talking about it. I may have a little PTSD from my first year of teaching it actually. Ok, that may be a touch dramatic but if ya know, ya know. It seems that no matter what strategy you use, there are confusing parts to each one. Typically, it’s the concept of “borrowing.” Subtraction with regrouping is one

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Effective Strategies to Teach Division

Division. Need I say more? What about upper elementary division? I know what you’re thinking. It’s hard. It can be hard to teach division and most definitely sometimes hard for students to learn. There are many reasons why the concept of division is difficult for students. It can trace all the way back to a lack of number sense in the primary grades or a lack of multiplication fluency in

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How to Teach Multiplication Fact Strategies

How to Teach Multiplication Fact Strategies

Ok, I need to be totally transparent with you all. Are you ready? *Takes deep breath* There was once a time that I did not know how to teach multiplication. I know, I know. It’s really hard to admit that, as a teacher, I had no idea how to teach something. After all, that is my job, right? I’ve previously blogged about my love for teaching multiplication (intro the multiplication

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Four Read-Aloud Picture Books for Teaching Math

As teachers, we are constantly searching for ways to teach new skills or concepts. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that there’s nothing that a good, quality book can’t do. Need a lesson on sharing? Find a good book. Need to teach character, setting, and theme?  Find a good book. What about social studies concepts? Oh yeah, there are books for that, too! Read-alouds are so impactful. If

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Ways to Boost Confidence in Math

Ahhh, math. I love to teach math. The strategies, the accountable talk, the real-world connections, the tools, the food. Yes… the food. We eat A LOT in math class. Tasty little treats do make the best manipulatives.  Math class is fun.  I mean, who doesn’t love to eat, right? But out of all of the food-related skills you can teach in math, the hardest skill to teach isn’t even a

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How to Help Students Build Number Sense

Have you ever been standing in a store or restaurant trying to determine the amount of money that you owe or should receive back in change? I told you I show my age a lot 😉. Whether you have or whether you haven’t, it’s potentially a direct result of your number sense ability. Yes, even as an adult, number sense continues to play a role in our lives. As students

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