Place Value Math Video Game Escape Room & Webscape™ – 4th Grade

Place Value Math Video Game Escape Room & Webscape™ – 4th Grade


Place Value Math Video Game Escape Room – 4th Grade

⭐ This place value 4th grade math escape room is a truly immersive experience! Students will compete in the VR Game Builder Academy to teach students how to build a game that could be the next big hit. To complete these challenges students work through four math problem sets where they

  • Recognize a digit in one place represents ten times what it represents in the place to its right (4.NBT.A.1)
  • Read and write multi-digit whole numbers using base-ten numerals, number names, and expanded forms. Compare two multi-digit numbers based on the meanings of the digits in each place (Greater than less than) (4.NBT.A.2)
  • Use place value understanding to round multi-digit whole numbers to any place (4.NBT.A.3)

Students add their answers to the Video Game Decoder Tool to help them unlock the secret codes and complete each challenge. This resource is highly engaging and a low prep activity with printable and digital formats both included!


⭐ This math escape room comes in the following digital and printable formats.

  • Webscape Format – This web-based format provides the most interactive and immersive experience possible. It is self directed, self correcting, and contains audio. You can check out my video overview here. You won’t believe how engaging this format is until you try it!


  • Google Format – Students complete the exercises in Google Slides. The Video Game Decoder Tool is a Google Sheet that self-corrects and tells each student when they can continue to the next challenge.


  • Printable Format – Students can use any device to scan QR codes to watch the videos. If no device is available, students can skip the videos and still enjoy the exercise. Students use a printable Video Game Decoder Tool and answer sheet to decipher the clues and track their answers.


⭐ Integrated videos, thematic items, and a VR game competition storyline come together to engage students while developing, enforcing, and reviewing counting, comparing, and number skills.


*Please note: This does include embedded videos that are hosted via YouTube. Please ensure you and your students have access to YouTube.


Key Features:

✏️ Digital & Printable Versions – Webscape, Google, and print versions make this resource perfect for any classroom. The digital version can be used dynamically in the classroom as a presentation while students complete each mathematical question in groups or individually.


✏️ Immersive Experience: Video Game-themed, dynamic challenges, and engaging videos provide positive reinforcement and keep students engaged and focused.


✏️Skill Focused: Each question set was written to focus on the key mathematics skills of adding & subtracting multi-digit numbers.


✏️Scaffolded Challenges: Challenges increase in difficulty as students progress through the escape room.


✏️No Prep/ Low Prep: Digital version requires NO PREP. The printable version is low prep: Just print the pages, place them in folders, and go. The printable version has the option to incorporate technology and videos through QR codes.


What’s Included:

4th Grade Place Value “Video Game” Escape Room

  • Print and Digital Directions
  • Challenge #1: Solve place value problems to add geometry.
  • Challenge #2: Solve the place value problems to add health.
  • Challenge #3: Solve the word problems to add powerups.
  • Challenge #4: Solve the word problems to add multiplayer.
  • Ooops Cards
  • Recording Brochure
  • Answer Key

Digital Version Links

  • Google Slides Link for Digital Escape Room
  • Google Forms Link for Decoding Tool
  • Webscape Link



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